Book Review: To Live Again

tla cover

Stunning read, I fell in love with Damilola from the first page

Book Title: To Live Again

Author: Ray Anyasi

Genre: Adventure, thriller, Women fiction

Publisher: Naphtali Publishers

Reviewer: Chidimma Osakwe

Damilola Koka went for NYSC in Gumao in the early days of Boko Haram and in the middle of a community crisis she and her friends were lost in a forest.

When I began to read this story, I was first skeptical about the writing style Anyasi has adopted in telling this story. I had never before read any book in that style and I was wondering if he would make any sense out of it. However, only ten pages into the book it began to look like the perfect style to apply in telling this peculiar story and get the impact the author intended to have on the reader. Just from reading the synopsis one would acknowledge the manner of work the writer needs Continue reading Book Review: To Live Again