These are several books by Ray Anyasi

cropped-the-other-room.jpgThe Other Room

A crippled young man discovers the blessings of ignorance when he finds out his wife’s darkest secret.

Tolu Badmus, crippled in a car crash six years ago becomes obsessively curious about what goes on inside a room in his apartment he has never entered since the accident that crippled him. His wife has an uncanny twice-a-week routine of entering this room. She would not tell him what is in there or what she does there.
He begins to device a plot to solve this mystery. With the help of his younger brother he finds his truth, but his whole world begins to crumble. Everything he knows of his wife begins to seem like a lie.
Her endurance and care towards him in the past six years begins to seem shallow and he collapses into a psychological trauma.
If only he can dig deep into the deepest love they shared in the past, he might begin to scramble his way to redemption.


To Live Again amazon


 When crises broke in the tiny, crusty village of Gumau, Dami Koka and her colleagues found themselves lost in the vast savannah of northern Nigeria. Seeing her friends fall one after the other into the fatal hands of savage men and wild beasts, she began to rethink the essence of life –her life. But most importantly, if she must go back to her widowed mother in one piece, she must find a route to civilization before the beasts…and God knows what else find her.


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This Town: a postcard of terror

Abub makes an emotional return This Town Ray Anyasito his native village of Damakuli which has been left in ruins by the devastation of terrorism. His aim is to take his newly widowed sister back to the city but things turn up ugly. The terror cells are plotting artfully, anti-terror soldiers are over doing things and Abub would need more than a miracle to make him see the next sunrise.


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Sunset in the East


He goes from classroom to battlefield. From studying political theories to shooting anthills. He wants to be a seasoned academician…or a veteran soldier. Now in the middle of the most fatal month of the Nigerian civil war, his life is set on a slow and agonizing termination course. His salvation must be from a rare miracle and he needs it fast.


Me and Mungo Park


Sena Konato had a rare chance to meet the great Scottish explorer, Mungo Park. He saves and changes her life then promised to return someday for her. She will never stop hoping for his return, she will also never fail to keep her promise to tell his story.


How to Terrorize Terrorism

HOW TO TERRORIZE TERRORISM: a more effective answer to global terror

In a world evidently overwhelmed by constant threats from terrorist organisations, a workable and enduring strategy is desperately needful to contain the terrorists. In this book, Anyasi lays out a workable plan to that end.




Lazarus Mottaboh is stranded by night in the jungles of DR Congo. This jungle turns out to be settled by an extinction-threatened historic clan that needs the blood of an Ibezu to keep living. The Ibezus themselves are almost extinct and Laz is just one of the surviving few.




In 2010, Joseph Dahr, a middle aged ex-soldier attempts to rescue from the LRA his wife and son who are abducted from his eastern DR Congo village, all he has is a rusty rifle he can use and an old friend he can trust.
Dahr believes Rosa and Joe Junior would not have been abducted had he taken them to Kinshasa as Rosa had begged him to. He would hence, not forgive himself unless he brings them home by any means. He summarized his mission in a dialogue with Hussein thus, “I am not an idiot. I know the dangers in what I am about to do, but it is the only way I can live with myself.” He relies upon Hussein, an American spy, to arm him with all the details on the LRA’s mode of operation. Hussein on his own has what he thinks is a perfect plan to finish Kony but believes his superiors in the Pentagon would not buy it. He decides teaming up with Dahr is the way forward.
Along the road of gathering intelligence and materials for his big showdown with the LRA, Dahr meets and inspires several other men who equally have personal reasons to take a fight to the LRA. Consequently, the burden of leading an army of distraught men while keeping his eyes on the goal now has to be added to his many troubles.

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What a War

WHAT A WAR: on being a Biafran soldier

Magnus Aribe goes from being an arch pacifist to a vet of a war he once described as the most senseless war in the history of mankind…this horrible experience was all it took.

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