Win an Autographed Copy of To Live Again and a Lunch Date With the Author

Hello guys,

Let’s do it like in the old times.

You answer a simple question and then you get a gift and eat my food too. I am giving out autographed copies of my book, To Live Again (which will be released in print next month) to winners of the trivia quiz competition I’m hosting here.

tla coverTo enter for the competition, simply answer the trivia question below and send your answer to my Facebook page inbox.

Question: In the African epic fantasy series, Sorrows of Udi, who said the below statement? To who? And on what occasion?

“Oh, my good chief. Ifedi would be of no help where the gallant men of the kingdom are called for such a task. But at the least, Ifedi can go into the palm forest and fetch some good palm wine to soothe the souls of the king and his chiefs while we wait for the fairness of the gods upon us,”

Send your answers as inbox messages to Ray Anyasi on Facebook.

To begin to read Sorrows of Udi, CLICK HERE!

Every week, I will announce winners and once the print copies of To Live Again is out I will give winners a call to schedule our lunch date.

Review for Sorrows of Udi

…Africa’s best selling epic fantasy thriller series, Sorrows of Udi is an easy page turner which engages lively rounded characters in a complex weave of multiple plots which every true book reader can’t put down.

– Nigerian Book House Review

Review for To Live Again

“To Live Again, aptly titled, is a story of friendship, trust (or mistrust), but above all it’s a story of surviving with the core strengths of womanhood. If you are a woman reading this book you will be proud knowing that every skill and instinct that Dami applied in going through her deathly circumstances are inside you.”

– African Affairs Book Review

So guys, download and read Sorrows of Udi which I’m sure you will so enjoy, win an autographed copy of another fantastic book, To Live Again and then let’s have lunch together.


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Ray Anyasi

Ray Anaysi is the author of the thrillers Poll of Vampires, Ujasiri and To Live plenty other short fictions.

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