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Sorrows of Udi: the unwilling goddess

Princess Mmaeze is the regular girl next door but traditions of Udi insists she must be regarded as a goddess.1309289409_920_o-copy
Every four generations, the first daughter of the reigning king is installed as a goddess princess. She will abandon every form of human lifestyle and be required to exist as a god. She will be worshiped and on behalf the people commune with her fellow gods. She bears the burden of constantly cleansing the land of any evil.
Mmaeze is not interested in any of these. All she wants is to be free to express her emotions as a girl. She doesn’t want to be offered roasted goat head in the shrine; instead, she wants to eat choice pork in the palace. She does not want to be worshiped in a shrine by everyone; she only wants to be cuddled inside a mud hut by her childhood sweetheart, Izuchukwu.
Meanwhile, a powerful witch just broke loose from the hold of the Council of Witch Doctors. She is bent on causing havoc in the kingdom. With a goddess princess not interested in her duties and a powerful witch at large, Udi has never had it this bad, yet it appears things can only get worse.

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